Why Businesses Without A Website Will Become Redundant in 2015

Many traditional bricks and mortar businesses usually have little motivation to develop an online presence. Maybe you manage a bar and restaurant, are a Realtor in the local area or run a business with a physical shop front and think – why on earth would I need a website?

Well, latest reports reveal that more than 50% of Australians shop online, while 81% of consumers research a product or service online before purchasing. Whether you’re an offline business or manage a full-scale ecommerce store, having a strong online presence definitely matters in today’s marketing world. (more…)

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Benefits of using online storage technology for business

With regards to storing data and information, cloud storage is rapidly turning into the strategy for decision. Storing documents remotely instead of by putting them on the racks boost a variety of beneficial points for both home and business professionals. Despite the fact that the idea of cloud storage has been around for a huge span of time now, numerous individuals still don’t comprehend what it involves. Numerous organizations battle with making the progression to this substitute type of storage, as they feel uncertain about regardless of whether it is a safe answer for keeping their information secure. They ponder whether they can rely on upon technology that has not been provincially stored in their systems to give them the information they require, and whether it is conceivable to depend on firms from different parts of the world to keep their data safe. Here are some benefits of the cloud storage technology for business. (more…)

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Knock! Knock! “How’s your computer doing today?”

Add to the list of national holidays, days you are forced to take a day off because the system has gone down. Reasons: Internal threats (like computer crash) or external threats (malware). The IT guy comes up and smugly says, “Don’t worry. All data can be recovered.” To your dismay, you can’t even remember when you backed up your files and wait in trepidation, praying silently that all your data is not lost. Moreover, loss of a work day and missed opportunities all amount to untold miseries in the end of the month/year performance report. (more…)

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The Importance of Ergonomics at The Workplace

Do you understand that you’ve been dozing face down in light of the fact that that is your body’s method for “resting” and adapting to a strained back?

Do you realize that when you sit, your back feels no less than 2-3 times your body weight? Do you realize that seats are a “present day” creation? That our bodies weren’t intended to take a seat throughout the day. Our eyes weren’t intended to gaze at a Computer. It is much excessively glaring for us.

To be straight forward, ergonomics is a viable science that helps us to accomplish wellbeing, security and solace and to keep up and enhance our wellbeing. In this manner the areas it covers shift altogether. (more…)

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