From paper to digital – why you should make the move

In the past, businesses need dedicated administrative personnel, receptionists, accountants, and marketers. These roles are now being substituted or combined with digital systems, and that frees up resources to perfect new aspects of a business.

Benefits versus Cost

Replacing a paper system with digital has a substantial cost associated with it – of course, time is money. When these systems are providing you with additional time, they usually charge you for it.

Paper systems seem to be inexpensive at first glance just because most people don’t consider the time frame that’s spent manually recording, copying, and analyzing information. Assuming you’re contracting people to do this for you, you will surely have to pay them a wage to get it done. Even when you’re only hiring them for a few hours a week at $15 per hour, that’s a lot more than all of your software subscriptions combined!

Xero – accounting

Xero is a super versatile accounting platform that is considerably more economical than employing an accountant.

Xero is easy enough that you can figure out how to do your accounts on your own, and it’s sophisticated enough to allow an accountant to come in and do them for you. There’s no duplication of information and data or downloading large files. All you need to do is type your accountant’s mail address in the user field, and they’ll receive an invite to your books in their inbox. Afterwards, if you want to examine the books, the process is also as simple. Just log on to your account and it’s all right there. Simply impressive!

Google Drive

We’ve replaced virtually all demand for paper at the moment. Google Drive is a smart location to keep all those stuff you’d ordinarily keep in your filing cabinet, such as your employment contracts, which can be signed online using HelloSign.

Whatever you would have used a printer for can now reside in Google Drive. Google Drive offers so much free storage space. With the sharing options; it is possible to attach your Drive files to emails right from Gmail (mail from Google). It’s fantastic as nearly everybody uses Gmail therefore file sharing is quite easy. Additionally, you can find privacy options that let you choose the level of access people can have to your files, from “Public on the web” to “Only me.”


There’re lots of tools available to make it easier to go digital. All you need to do is try them. Luckily, most of these services are cost-free or offer free trial periods, about 14 days to 30 days. And at the end, if you don’t like it, you can easily cancel your trial period and remove your account.

Use technological innovation to your advantage. Make it suit your needs by automating your workflow and improving your operations, besides, you’ll minimize running costs as your business becomes well-organized.

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